Mill Creek Cattle Company in Historic Mentone, California
An Old Fashion Western-Style BBQ Dining Experience

Our menu features an orange wood smoked meats that will leave your taste buds jumping. Try our mouth watering brisket or fall off the bone ribs served with tasty traditional sides. Mill Creek Cattle Company is an old fashion western restaurant featuring Diamond Jim’s Saloon with weekly entertainment.

Authentic BBQ Smokehouse Flavor
Authentic Smokehouse flavor only comes from using a a real wood BBQ Smoker. Beginning with our signature dry rub seasonings, Mill Creek Cattle Company slow smokes top-quality meat over citrus wood from our local orange groves. Experience the Mill Creek Cattle Company BBQ family tradition.

The Best BBQ Sauce in the Inland Empire

Just because our meats are so tender and flavorful, it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy adding our tasty homemade BBQ Sauce, too. Made daily with fresh local ingredients like tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, and chili peppers then slow simmered in our secret blend of sweet and spicy seasonings.

Slow Smoked BBQ Ribs

As soon as you enter Mill Creek Cattle Company, aroma of our authentic BBQ Smoker fills the whole place. That’s because we’re slow smoking our savory Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, and our Kansas City Style, “Saint Louis Pork Ribs”. All marinated with our special western seasoning rub then slow smoked to tender perfection.

Slow Smoked Tender Beef Brisket

We start with selecting high quality meat, then applying our secret blend of spices to get that Texas-style flavor originating from the old west cattle drivers. Try our low and slow smoke Brisket that’s moist, tender and bursting beef flavor just the way cowboys love it.

Tasty Tri-Tip BBQ Sandwich

Mouth watering Tri-Tip Beef that is slow smoked and big on flavor. This popular sandwich is stacked high on a homemade freshly baked bun served with all the ‘fixins. Just add our famous BBQ Sauce and enjoy this delightfully tender sandwich with a cold craft beer, or a tall glass of fresh iced tea.

Fork Tender Pulled Pork

Our Pulled Pork is truly a secret family recipe prepared the old-fashioned way. Starting with our secret seasonings and ending with a long slow smoking process over an orange wood fire until the meat is fork tender. Piled high on a fresh homemade bun, and served with a traditional western side, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Hearty Cowboy Steaks & Burgers

Inspired by the old west, we begin with quality hand trimmed beef. Savor delicious, flame grilled chuck wagon style steaks and burgers seasoned and basted with garlic butter. Flame grilled to your order just how the cowboys love ‘em. Add a baked potato with all the ‘fixins, or french fries and coleslaw.

Tender Juicy Chicken

Whether it’s Char-Broiled Chicken, crispy home-style Fried Chicken, or freshly cut Deep Fried Chicken Strips, our quality chicken is prepared daily. Each are marinated in a secret Mill Creek seasoning and cooked to perfection. Just add our traditional style sides for the ideal western meal.